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TriStar is the name British Triathlon gives to the children's races. The age groups are all taken at the 31 December of the current year and are TriStar Start (8), TriStar 1 (9-10), TriStar 2 (11-12) and TriStar 3 (13-14)

The East Essex TriStar League

The races listed in the TriStar League Table make up the East Essex Tri Club TriStar League.  They're open to all club members with athletes competing in their own gender & age group.  There are a maximum of 5 scoring events made up ot the best 2 triathlons, the best aquathlon/duathlon, the best swim/bike/run and best other event (from any category).  Scoring is based on the winner getting maximum points and then for other competitors, points are awarded as a proportion of the winners time divided by their time.  It is therefore important that if you can't win the race to get as close as possible to the winner's time.  Points are awarded as follows:-

Best 2 Triathlons * Maximum 100 points *  Measured from category winner (from any club)    
Best Aquathlon / Duathlon Maximum 100 points  Measured from category winner (from any club) 
Best Run / Swim / Bike Maximum 80 points Measured from 1st East Essex competitor in the relevant category     
Best other event (any category)
Marshalling bonus 10 points per event 10 bonus points for all TriStars who marshal at the Basildon Aquathlon (adults event) and Grays Tri 
Total of 5 events (+ marashalling bonus)
* Bonus Points:  There will be 10 bonus points for all athletes competing in the East Essex TriStar Club Championships at Basildon Kids Tri

Please note that, whilst we have been very careful to record the results as accurately as possible, we do sometimes make mistakes.  If you spot any errors or omissions, or would like more information, please contact the Junior League administrator, Jenny Harley

A full set of British Triathlon rules, including age categories & race distances can be found here      

The East Essex Tri Junior Facebook group is available here

East Region Junior Series (EJS) 

Updates & entry information will be posted on the East Region Junior Tri Racing Facebook group:

Races labelled EJS make up the East Region Junior Series.  To take part in the Series, athletes must also be a member of British Triathlon.  Overall positions will be based on the best 6 results from across the series.  In addition, there will be trophies for the highest accumulated points across all events in the series.  Please refer to their web site for more information.

Inter Regional Championships Qualification Races (IRC)

The Inter Regional Championship (IRC) is a weekend of racing by regional teams throughout the UK, this year hosted at Mallory Park 9-10 September.  Each region selects 4 team members and 1 reserve from each of the 4 categories: TriStar 2 and TriStar 3, male & female.  Selection will be based on the single highest position achieved across one or more of the three IRC qualifiers.  In the event of a tie, selection will be decided by the Regional Head Coach whose decision is final.  Please refer to their web site for more information