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East Essex Triathlon Club

Group Cycling with East Essex Tri - Rules and Guidance

  1. Helmets are COMPULSORY for all East Essex Cycle Sessions.
  2. Road Traffic regulations state that lights are required when cycling in darkness and twilight - this will be more of an issue in December and January; please ensure that your bike as suitable and adequate lights fitted prior to setting out.
  3. Ensure your bike is in good working order and you carry spare tubes and means to inflate them.
  4. High visibility clothing with reflective material is recommended.
  5. Carry your EETC laminated membership card ensuring emergency contacts are up to date
  6. Carry a fully charged mobile phone and your ride leaders contact details
  7. Have a good breakfast before you start and bring some food/energy drink with you.
  8. A comprehensive guide to cycling with EETC and the art of group riding can be found here