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East Essex Triathlon Club

Winter Bike Rides 2020/21

The Winter Bike Rides take place between November and March on Sunday mornings, with the exception of the festive period and mid winter break. The Sunday rides are grouped by average speed starting from an average of 14mph upwards and last between 2 and 4 hours, the intensity increasing as we head towards Spring. Additionally we will offer a number of Saturday sessions throughout the winter for newcomers or those who wish to travel at a slower pace.

They are not coached sessions, but there will be a Group Ride Leader who will plan a suitable route. The actual route for each group will be posted up on the EETC Facebook page on or before the Friday prior to the ride taking place. This gives everyone the opportunity to review and download the route before meeting up on the Sunday.

The Schedule of the rides and leader contact numbers can be found here. 

If you would like to join us on these rides we ask that you first read the key points for group cycling in the club (on this page)

Covid Security Measures

Each of the Groups cannot contain more than six riders (including the Leader) so we will operate a booking system by commenting on a post in the Facebook Group (as we do for track and swim sessions). Booking will be available during the early part of the week prior to the ride. It will be primarily on a first come first served basis with a waiting list in operation and we may change the groupings slightly to give everybody a ride. If you cannot make the ride, please cancel before 12:00 the day before which gives us time to allocate the space to someone on the waiting list. To be fair to all members, a non-attendance will mean you are unable to book the following Sunday; this is new to all of us, and we ask that members are considerate of others at all times.

We will start each group from a different car park to ensure we maintain the rule of 6. The group leader will state which car park to meet up on Facebook a day or so before the ride. Map of car parks

Please can all experienced riders and Group Leaders ensure that they have the route for the day on the bike computer in case they are needed to assist and lead at short notice. 

Key points for Group Cycling with East Essex

  1. Helmets are COMPULSORY for all East Essex Cycle Sessions.
  2. Road Traffic regulations state that lights are required when cycling in darkness and twilight - this will be more of an issue in December and January; please ensure that your bike as suitable and adequate lights fitted prior to setting out.
  3. Ensure your bike is in good working order and you carry spare tubes and means to inflate them.
  4. High visibility clothing with reflective material is recommended.
  5. Carry your EETC laminated membership card ensuring emergency contacts are up to date
  6. Carry a fully charged mobile phone and your ride leaders contact details
  7. Have a good breakfast before you start and bring some food/energy drink with you.
  8. To ensure the most effective and safest ride for the whole group, please also familiarise yourself to the more comprehensive guide here.