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  1. The name of the club shall be "East Essex Triathlon Club".
  2. The objectives of the club shall be to promote and encourage the participation and competition in the sport of Triathlon.
  3. The club shall be affiliated to the governing body for Triathlon in England and such bodies as the Annual General Meeting shall decide.
  4. The Annual General Meeting for the election of Officers and Committee and approval of the examined accounts shall be held on a date fixed by the committee in January each year. Each member will receive notice in writing (or email). including an agenda, not less than 21 (twenty-one) days prior to the meeting setting out the date, time and place of the meeting.
  5. An extraordinary General Meeting may be called at twenty-one days notice by the committee or on written request from three members, such meeting shall only deal with matters for which notice is given in the request which shall form the agenda for the meeting.
  6. A quorum at a General Meeting shall be five (5).
  7. The Annual General Meeting will vote to elect the following positions to the Club Committee:-
    1. Chairman
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Club Captain
    5. Club Welfare Officer (must have the required qualifications for dealing with junior members)
  8. Other committee positions may be filled during the Annual General Meeting or at the discretion of the elected committee; these positions include:-
    1. Junior Club Manager
    2. Junior Club Co-Ordinator
    3. Youth Club Manager
    4. Senior Club Manager
    5. Social Secretary
    6. Press Secretary
    7. Other positions as required
  9. The committee shall meet at such times, as it may deem necessary.
  10. The quorum of the committee shall be four (4) members.
  11. Sub-Committees may be appointed to deal with special matters, which shall be reported, in full to the Committee at each meeting thereof.
  12. Membership and Subscriptions. Candidates for senior membership shall be over 21 years of age. In relation to junior members, the club has adopted the BTF Good Practice in Triathlon procedure and Child Protection Policy.
  13. Duly completed application forms for membership, together with yearly subscription shall be forwarded to the Secretary. The subscription year shall commence on the 1st January each year.
  14. Existing members who have not paid their subscription by 1st March each year may not be permitted to represent the club. After 1st March, non- members will be required to pay an additional charge for club training as agreed by the committee. Non Members may be excluded from some training sessions.
  15. The committee may suspend a member for a period, or require a member to resign, if in its opinion, the interest of the club has been compromised. Such action shall only be taken if the member has been notified in writing, stating the reasons for the action being taken. In the event of such member failing to reply accepting the suspension, or declining to resign within the stated period, a special Committee Meeting shall be called, of which at least two weeks notice shall be given to the member. The individual concerned shall, at that meeting and with the support of another member if required, have the opportunity of defending his or her actions. At the meeting, a majority of two thirds of the Committee present must vote in favour of the action proposed.
  16. Funds and property of the club shall not be distributed among members; save as legitimate out of pocket expenses incurred in the running of the club. but shall be applied towards the furtherance of the club's objectives or for a charitable purpose. In the event of dissolution, the funds and property remaining shall be devoted to objectives similar to those of the club.
  17. The annual accounts shall be available for viewing at any time by club members on request. If requested by any member, that member and any representative of that member who is not an elected officer of the Club or member of the Committee can duly examine the accounts. This process should be the subject of a General Meeting (without the requirement for 3 members outlined in item 5). The financial year shall commence from the first week of January each year.
  18. The committee shall have the powers to make regulations and by-laws in accordance with these Rules and to settle disputed points not otherwise provided by these Rules. The rule changes will be published in the newsletter, by email or on the Club Website and members given 21 days from the issue of the newsletter to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to dispute the rule changes.
  19. Rules in bold font can only be changed during an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. Other items can be changed at the discretion of the club committee but must be communicated to club members (via email, website or newsletter) and reported to the following Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. Members will have 21 days from the publication of the rule changes to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to dispute the rule changes.

East Essex Triathlon Club

January 2007