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Wednesday Evenings @ 18:30 (be ready to go and online by 18:20)

The club run indoor training sessions on Wednesday evenings that can be carried out in the comfort of your own home while being supported by other members of the club using the 'Discord' service. Discord is a free online app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, you then just need a headphone/mic connection (like the one supplied with your smartphone) and a link to the East Essex Discord server. The link will be provided on the club's Facebook group on the day or can be obtained by emailing Richard 

What else do you need?

  • For a basic session you just need an exercise bike or a bike mounted on a turbo trainer (also known as a dumb trainer). On the Discord call you will be told when to go harder and when to ease up. 
  • Most on the call will be using the Online cycling tool Zwift , this is a great online cycling game where you can see your own avatar on a bike alongside all the others who you are riding with. You can use this wth an exercise bike or dumb trainer providing its sensors can send speed or power information to your computer (tablet or smartphone) using Bluetooth or ANT+.
  • For the fully immersive experience you will want a Smart Trainer; this will not only connect to your computer to send speed/power information it will also receive instructions from Zwift about when to increase/reduce resistance for effort sessions, hills etc. 

For more information just email Richard