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Thursdays - 08:15, 10:20 or 18:30

Zwift is an online platform aimed to make indoor cycling and training a lot more fun and sociable.

The Thursday WTRL Team Time Trials are the epitome of this social (but hard) racing. Over a 24 hour period up to 600 teams of up to 8 members worldwide race around a set course with each team aiming to win in their category.

The most important thing to remember about this is that when riding as a team, in close formation, the team's overall speed will increase (just like riding in a peleton on the road). There is no "I" in team, a solo effort off the front will not help the team because the team's time is based on the fourth member home. It is therefore crucially important to work together and we do that by talking to each other on Discord

East Essex have been putting teams into the weekly race, normally 2 teams in the morning and 4 or more in the evening and they are graded according to their relative speed in the Zwift world (basically on ability with a few other factors).

We are always looking for newcomers to join and try it out, simply join the East Essex Zwift Team Time Trial Facebook group and sign up for a race before 4pm on the Saturday before the race. If you don't use Facebook you can email Richard Fuller before 4pm Saturday

If you do join Zwift and want to do the TTTs then you will need to register with Zwift Power and connect your Zwift and Zwift Power accounts. To do this use this guide

For more information email Richard