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East Essex Triathlon Club

Basildon GoTri Aquathlon (1) – Saturday 18 March 2017

Venue: Basildon Sporting Village, Cranes Farm Rd, Basildon SS14 3GR, 

Thanks for registering for the Basildon Go Tri Aquathlon; this should provide all the information you require for the event but if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. On the day there will be plenty of marshals on hand to help you with your setup and during the race itself. If this is all new to you then don’t worry about asking anything you are unsure about, there is no such thing as a stupid question and all the marshals will remember their first races and know the types of concerns you might have.


Arrival, Registration and Set up

Please arrive between 3pm and 3:15pm. Mention to the Sporting village staff that you are competing in the aquathlon and they will let you through the barrier; report to the registration desk which will be by the doors out onto the running track. Alternatively, we may have access through the gate from the car park straight onto the running track and you can reach registration from there.

At registration you will have a number written on your hand and be given a timing chip and strap to go onto your left ankle (although no bike leg in this race we encourage you to get used to putting it on your left leg to keep the strap away from a bike chain)

Once registered take your kit to the transition area (by the track) and set up transition. For this we would recommend you have:-

Ø  a towel

Ø  t shirt (your torso must be covered although this could be by an all in one trisuit)

Ø  Something warm if it is cold. Tight leggings will be hard to get on when wet.

Ø  shorts (although you can ride/run in your swimming costume)

Ø  running shoes

Ø  socks (strictly optional)

Ø  drink – a sip before the run will help or you may take it with you.

Take the opportunity to talk to marshals to understand the route that you will take from pool to transition to run.

After you have set up transition, get changed ready for the swim (lockers take £1, refunded) then put on a T shirt and come back to transition for the race brief at approximately 3:50pm.

The Race

Everyone is started one at a time, around 30 seconds apart. Adults will start in lane 5 and will swim to the right side of the lane doing two lengths in lane 5; after completing this they will go under the lane rope into lane 6 for 2 more lengths. After 8 lengths they will be by the steps in lane 8 and can climb out. Children will start in lane 4 and swim on the left side of the lane and will finish in lane 1 by the window. If you are a strong swimmer then make the starter aware of this and he will start you towards the front so you get a clear swim.

It is okay to stop at the end of a lane and it is okay to overtake if it is safe to do so. If you have been touched on your toes during a length it would be helpful for you to stop at the end of the lane and allow the swimmer behind to overtake.

After you have completed your swim, leave the pool, walking because it will be very slippery and, when outside, go to your transition area and prepare for the run.

When ready, run out onto the running track and head off round the track in lane 6. After 400m the cones will direct you to lane 5, then lane 4 etc until the last lap in lane 1 where you will come off the track and through the finish.

Please ensure you give your timing chip and strap to the marshal, take a drink of water and get warm clothing on quickly.

We aim to have all results out within 20 minutes of the last finisher. All results will go onto our club website, and our GoTri Facebook page that we hope you've all joined ( . The results will also appear on a national database at  Here you can find out about other GoTri events around the country.  

We really hope you enjoy the experience and would like to find out more about the sport. Our club, East Essex Triathlon Club welcomes people of all ages and abilities and you’d be very welcome to try us out at our Monday swim (Runnymede Pool, Thundersley, 8:30 – 9:30pm) or Tuesday run (Basildon Sporting Village, 6:30 – 7:30pm). Find out more about us and other events at You can find more races and clubs that might be closer to you at

Very best of luck