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East Essex Triathlon Club

Mon 5th Oct 2020: Winter Bike Ride Leaders

We will be looking to put on winter bike rides from November until March (with a winter break in January), however with the group of 6 restriction we may need additional ride leaders to allow all those who wish to ride to do so. 

The bike leader role includes:-

  1. Setting and publishing the route.
  2. Ensuring your group are fully aware of the club's guidelines for group riding (as published on the website).
  3. Having a first aid kit. If you do not have a first aid qualification, this won't preclude you doing the leaders course and the club will aim to arrange a first aid course.
  4. Aim to keep the ride within the published speeds for the group.
  5. Optionally arrange for a cafe stop along the way.
  6. Cancel the ride for inclement weather (we have a Bike Leader's Facebook Group that can provide support for this).

If you would like to find out more email me (Richard) or talk to any of the existing bike leaders or coaches at club sessions.