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East Essex Triathlon Club

Mon 14th Sep 2020: East Essex Triathlon Club - Meet the Committee Interviews with Craig Hamilton

*How long have you been involved in Triathlons and what made you start? 

Throughout my life, sports has played a big part. However, since my early to mid twenties, I have yoyo’d in weight (dramatically). For example, in 2015, I completed various run events and was playing a decent standard of football. By 2018, I was 19 stone and the local take away’s best friend!! On 23rd July 2018 this all changed. I started running again, going to the gym and telling my local take away owners that we need a break…

December 2018, I signed up to the 2019 London Triathlon after seeing an advert.

April 2019, I joined EETC at a BSV swim session to help me prepare further for the London Triathlon and they all made me feel so welcome, so I’ve never looked back!

*Of the three disciplines, do you have a favourite and are there any you have struggled with – if so, how did you overcome this? 

Swimming is by far my favourite. I have always been comfortable in the water from a young age. Running at pace is my enemy, just not built for speed. Therefore, I haven’t overcome this yet but every year will be an opportunity to improve.

*What are your goals for the year ahead?

I did have a load of events in the diary for this year but unfortunately now I have a load of refunds. However, at the moment, I have been able to compete in one event that still went ahead (Box End Triathlon in Bedford). This Olympic distance event was on 5th September.

*How do you fit training into your lifestyle (work/family commitments)? 

Get the wife involved!! Share a whiteboard with our training schedule and let the games commence.

*If you have competed in an event before, which has been your favourite? 

Bass Tri in the Lake District will take some beating. Swimming in Lake Bassenthwaite to start an event is great, rolling hills for the bike and leg breaking hills for the run, lovely! We turned the whole weekend into a family holiday which was pretty special.

*Do you have any rituals or lucky items that you do/have prior to an event? 

Haven’t been doing this game long enough to have any winning routines but I seem to drink a lot of coffee on the morning of a race. This then leads to plenty of toilet breaks at the venue…

*What do you like about being part of East Essex Triathlon Club? 

The people. I always enjoy the company on our rides, swim sessions and runs (especially the munch and chats after the Sunday rides). The Christmas run was one of the highlights for me but cannot say I walked away with the best prize. I can safely say that I have made friends at EETC and look forward to the training and social side of our club every time.

*Do you have any words of advice for anyone starting out in their triathlon journey? 

Firstly, Get into a club. Also, prepare yourself to not being able to walk past a bike shop or sports shop without stopping, going in and walking out with something associated with Triathlon. It is never ending, so say goodbye to any savings and your wages.