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East Essex Triathlon Club

Fri 24th Jul 2020: East Essex Virtual 5k

So here we have it the fifteenth and the last of the East Essex Virtual 5k's and a much bigger turnout this week. A big thank you to eveyone who has run one of the virtual's 5k's and I hope these have helped you to keep some resemeblence of running normality during lockdown. I ventured over to Hockley Woods earlier this week to run the prkrun course as my 5K but it's just not the same running it on your own. Top marks to Stacey, Deborah and Tamás for completing all of the virtual 5k's. Anyway this week's times are as follows:-

Toby Knight: 19.31
Ian George 20.55
Peter Harley: 21.51
Stacey Wimbledon: 23.23
Victoria Hopkins: 24.31
Marc Jones:  25.14
Deborah Hall: 25.56
Tamás Somogyi:  27.00
Clare Boston: 27.56
Beatrice Rouyer-Brown: 32.57
Vicki Andreetti: 35.50