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East Essex Triathlon Club

Fri 24th Jul 2020: Re-starting our Club Training Sessions

As part of the Club’s returning to training, we have been mandated by British Triathlon to ask all our Members to complete "return to play" questionaires. 

This is only a short form and it’s main purposes it to highlight some of the issues of returning to training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is a separate form for Children under the age of 18 which will need to be signed by the Child’s parent or guardian. The written adults forms can be found here and the childrens forms here.

Alternatively, you can complete the forms in an online format for Adults here and Children here.

Once you have signed and completed the form it would be appreciated if you can please e-mail a pdf copy to our Club COVID-19 Officer Samuel Hill at or just hand it over to one of our Club Coaches or Committee Members. 

As previously advised, British Triathlon have released the following guidelines in regard to returning to training and thus I would recommend that Members take a few minutes to read these so we can all train in a safe environment.…/individual-training…

Once again thanks to all our Members for your patience during this challenging time.

A quick edit from the Covid Officer:-

Please can you ensure you have completed these forms prior to commencing any club activity - I don't want to have to be the bad one and prevent you from joining in for the sake of a couple of questions but this is a clear requirement from the ruling bodies. Many thanks!