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East Essex Triathlon Club

Wed 1st Jul 2020: Virtual Cycling training sessions

Zwift has proven to be a life saver for many in the club who have wanted to continue their cycle training but have been worried about cycling on their own outside. Traditionally indoor cycling is seen as pretty boring with only loud banging music to keep you company. That has all changed with virtual cycling worlds like Zwift (other platforms available). On top of this platform our members can freely talk to each other while training using the Discord service (think Zoom with headphones but no video).

East Essex have three current opportunities available each week.

  1. On Sunday we have a 'keep together meetup' that generally lasts around 90 minutes. This ride ensures all riders stay within 10 seconds of each other allowing everyone to work at their preferred effort level.
  2. On Tuesday we have started a 'keep together' workout. This works very much like the Sunday ride but instead of a free ride it is a defined workout with periods of intense pain effort with rests in between
  3. Thursday is by far our most popular activity, the Team Time Trial. Teams of up to 8 members will work together, in a line or a bunch and get around a course as fast as possible; the team's time is taken from the fourth finisher so there is no point in flying off the front so teamwork is the key. Alongside the Next Level Endurance Coaching team we have been fielding up to 7 teams across the morning and early evening slots. 

To get involved you will need to take out an account with Zwift and have some equipment:-

  1. A smart trainer is best as it will send speed and power data direct to Zwift via Ant or Bluetooth and will receive instructions to increase resistance for hills giving the most realistic feel.
  2. A dumb trainer or rollers can equally be used but you will need either power or speed sensors which transmit data via Ant or Bluetooth.

If you're interested to find out more, email Richard at