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Triathlete of The Year 2023

Every year, in the lead up the annual awards ceremony, you are given the chance to vote for the male and female adult and junior club members who you feel deserve the title of male and female East Essex Triathlon Club's Triathlete of The Year.

This auspicious award goes to those amongst us who unknowingly have given that little bit extra over the year and have really excelled in any aspect of what we do as a club. 

There are numerous reasons as to who you should decide gets your vote. This could be a Club Member who had a fantastic racing season and represented the club on numerous occasions, achieving a fantastic one-off race result or maybe they've achieved a personal goal against adversity, battled with ill health or injury to come back fighting fit. Alternatively this could be a member of the Club who has given their time to help others to achieve their best performance. Whatever the reason the most important thing is that it's all decided by votes from you, the club members.

Voting couldn't be simpler. Just drop an e-mail to with your vote. Don't forget that every member gets to vote for male and female Triathlete of The Year.

You can use the same e-mail address whether voting for your adult TOTY or junior TOTY but please remember adults can only vote for adult members and juniors can only vote for junior members.

To help us filter out any double entries we will require your name and a current email address (parents or guardians’ email in the case of junior members) to verify against club records but this will be kept in the strictest confidence and is purely for verification purposes only. 

Voting will close at 11:59pm on the Sunday the 26th November, 2023 and any votes received after this time will not be counted.

All votes will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Posted: Wed 1st Nov 2023