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Open Water Swim Time Trial - Monday the 26th June, 2023

The next Swim Time Trial will now take place on Monday the 26th June, 2023 at approximately 6.15 pm starting and finishing from the usual place opposite the Toulouse restaurant along Western Esplanade, Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 8FE.

This event is completely free and the swim will be an out-and back to the Crowstone. You will need to swim around the actual Crowstone itself before heading back. The distance is around 1400 meters.

The only requirement is that members must use a tow float. The reason for this is that it is just easier to spot members swimming.

As members will appreciate open water swimming is not without risk and thus anyone taking part will be doing so entirely at their own risk.

If there are any members who would be free to help out with either the timing or just as a spotter along the beach then please feel free to come along.

I suggest members look at arrive around 6.00 pm at the latest, however please keep an eye on the Club website and the Club Facebook page in case of any last minute changes or cancellation if we don’t think the conditions are suitable.

The event is open to adult and youth members and is a club league event.

Posted: Mon 12th Jun 2023