Winter Bike Rides 2018/19

The Winter Bike Rides take place between November and March on Sunday mornings (except for Cross Country, the newly introduced winter break and other holiday events).

They are not coached sessions, but there will be a Group Ride Leader who will plan a suitable route. The route will be posted up on the EETC Facebook page on or before the Friday prior to the ride taking place. This gives everyone the opportunity to review the varying routes and the profiles for each group, before meeting up on the Sunday.

The rides are generally between 2 and 4 hours in duration. The rides during the autumn and early winter are winding down after the season’s end, and will then increase in intensity and distance as the end of winter approaches and the early onset of spring.

Each ride will have three Groups with a Leader, in order to allow for shorter distances and/or slower pace if necessary. Please note that each Group can only head out with a maximum of twelve riders within it.

Please can all experienced riders and Group Leaders ensure that they have the route for the day on the bike computer in case they are needed to assist and lead at short notice.

Groups 1, 2 and 3 - Every Sunday (see schedule below)

These groups will start at 8:00am from:

The Market Car Park (Ride Meeting point)
(Top of Rayleigh High Street)
Hockley Road

There is plenty of parking here, and it is free on Sundays.

And afterwards ..

We will continue to meet at the Roebuck for a post ride cup of coffee and cake.
The Roebuck is opposite the Police Station in Rayleigh High Street.

As usual please keep an eye on Facebook and the Club Forum for amendments to scheduled rides!. If the roads or weather conditions are dangerous for cycling then the ride leaders will terminate/cancel bike rides on the day.

Points of Note for the Winter Bike Rides:

A comprehensive guide to cycling with EETC and the art of group riding can be found after the schedules below.

Schedule & Leader Contact Details

Please see attached PDF for this seasons ride schedule. The document contains two pages with a schedule for each group - 1, 2 & 3


Leader Contact Numbers
(Please add your group leaders number to your phone before you ride)
Ian George
07766 101 624
Zena Shean
07947 001 167
Richard Fuller
07972 916 791
Scott Youngson
07747 055 177
Dave Butler
07733 226 108
Mike Shean
07525 712 324
Jack Martin
07921 500 041
Jon Wyatt
07789 636 782
Simon Field
07534 997 677
Gina Gordon-Harris
07702 078 326
Neil Dobson
07414 712 403
Peter Harley
07456 960 016

A Guide to Winter Bike Rides with EETC


The most important piece of equipment you have is yourself so look after it.

To ensure that mechanical problems are minimized, all riders must keep their bikes in a road worthy condition. All riders should carry sufficient and appropriate equipment to enable them to complete the ride in a satisfactory and enjoyable manner, without putting a burden on fellow riders or the Group Leader.

The following items should be checked on your bike as soon as you can and shouldn’t be left until the morning of the planned ride:

Frame Tyres Rim
Wheel nuts/quick release Seat post Tyre pressure
Hub Saddle Headset
Spokes Bottom bracket Stem
Brake cable tension Pedals Handlebars
Brake cable Front derailleur Brake Levers
Brake calliper Chain Gear Levers
Brake blocks Rear derailleur Brake cable outers
Other accessories    

A printable version of the Pre-Ride Checklist can be found by clicking on this link: EETC-Pre-Ride-Bike-Checklist.pdf


The best approach to take is to wear a various layers that can easily be removed or added as required.

The most important layer is the one next to your skin. This will help to keep the moisture off the body preventing you from getting cold if you have to stop. A helmet is essential and no cyclist is allowed start without it. Although we all like to look stylish in darker colours when riding, as a lot of our rides will be in the early morning, these colours are not conducive to being seen. If possible, where brighter colours so that it is easier for drivers of vehicles to see you.

Recommended clothing/items are as follows:

If you bike is deemed to be non-road worthy, or you haven’t brought sufficient equipment or food/hydration with you, the Group Leader is within their rights to stop you from joining the ride. We do not want for this to happen, so please check your equipment the day before, and prior leaving home!

Group Riding

Riding as a group is a great experience however you are responsible for your actions and safety; it is essential that you adhere to the highway code and must be respectful of other road users and the rest of the group at all times so we all get around safely for that reason you are expected to familiarise yourself with the following safety points and put them into practice on training rides:

Ride guidelines

Ride Discipline

The key to a successful club ride is good communication. Each rider has the responsibility to inform others (preferably the Group Leader) what their intentions are.

Emergency and Accident Responsibilities

Each of the Group Leaders has received basic 1st Aid Training, but they do not provide full medical support for the Club Rides. In the event of an accident, the Group Leader will do all they can to assist any rider who has suffered an injury or medical emergency

Riders who have pre-existing medical conditions that require special treatment must take precautions to ensure that information about their condition can easily be found by the emergency services or other medical professionals in the event of an accident or medical episode.

If a rider has a condition that might manifest itself during the ride then they must notify the Group Leader. However, the rider will need to be responsible for themselves.


Enjoy yourself and don't forget the coffee and cake at the end!! (that's secretly why we all ride!)

(updated: 20th October 2018)