EETC Spin Sessions

East Essex Triathlon Club is pleased to announce that the club spin sessions will be starting again on :

*Please arrive at least 10 minutes before-hand to give yourselves enough time to set up*

Members will also have use of the changing and shower facilities, however we do ask if you can please leave Clements Place Fitness Studios by 9.30 pm at the latest.

As the places are limited we will also be operating the same booking system we used last year via the East Essex Face book page. You will be able to book the first session from Saturday 3rd November 2018 so remember to keep an eye on the Club Face book page from approximately 11.00 am onwards and every Saturday morning thereafter.

These sessions are aimed at all abilities and all ages so please don’t feel put off if these is your first experience of indoor cycling. They are designed to be fun, informal and progressive in nature with a view to getting everyone in shape for the start of the season next spring.

Sessions will initially be based on strength with a focus on good technique, cadence and endurance and will be much more cycling specific compared to more conventional spinning classes.

All the bikes come with their own toe straps and SPD clip less pedals.

The sessions will be hosted by either Ian George or John Smith and the cost will be £3.50 each and will be open to all members’ adults and children who are part of Team Tri.

Should you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

Ian (Iron) George

Club Chairman & Spin-meister