London Marathon Places

Every year the club is allocated a certain amount of London Marathon entries by England Athletics. The number of places we receive is based upon the number of members we have who are registered, first claim for EETC, with England Athletics. We are currently allocated 1 place (1 per 150) as we have under 300 members registered.

In order to fairly distrubute these places to those who want them we have a put in place a points system which takes into account years of membership, times trying to enter and times you've actually got in. Basically the least successful you've been the more points you'll have and what do points make? .. marathon places!

The table below shows how the points are worked out:

Name 2015 2016 2017 2018 pts Order of Preference
  Club Member
Entered +1 Run -1 Club Member
Entered +1 Run -2 Entered +1 Run -3 Entered +4    
Gordon Ramsey N N N Y Y N Y N Y 7 2
Nell McAndrews Y Y Y Y Y N Y N Y 8 1
Jenson Button Y Y N Y Y N Y Y Y 6 3
Paula Radcliffe Y Y N Y Y N Y N N 5 4

Rationale for the rules:

Please register your interest in a club place, via email to the club secretary.

Good Luck!

Simone Collins, Club Secretary