The Adult League

The East Essex Tri League is a popular way for members to compete against each other for the chance to be crowned the club league champion. It provides a place for members to know which races are available where other members may be racing. The leagues run from November to October (to fit around the start of the cross country season).

There are four leagues –

The league consists of a number of races in each of the following disciplines:

Points are awarded based on your time relative to the race winners’ time. The single discipline events are scored out of 80 comparative to the first EETC home. Aquathlons and Duathlons are scored out of 90, Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlons are marked out of 100, comparative to the overall winners’ time.

In recognition of the extra effort involved in middle and full distance triathlons we award extra points for these events (middle: 120 and full:150). Only the score from one of each of these events will count to your final tally.

To ensure your middle and full distance triathlon points are included in the league you must contact the league administrator with the event details, and a link to the results.

A maximum of 10 events count towards your final score and this must consist of one each of the Swim and Cycle time trials, a Run event, a Duathlon an Aquathlon and three Triathlons. The best points from any remaining races entered will count as your last 2 scores.

You can compete in as many races as you want and the league administrator will ensure the best scores are counted towards your overall league points. Only events listed on the league count and league events will be finalised by 31st January.

When you register for races you MUST (where possible) state your club as ‘East Essex Tri Club’ and you should ideally race in club colours (see the club kit site for running, cycling and triathlon clothing).

**Run Race Criteria - Updated as of 1st March 2017**

For run races only, the league includes two types of running events:-

1 - Open local events (such as the Benfleet 15).
The results for all members will be included in the club league. Members who race for another club MUST notify the league co-ordinator by email of their result within 2 weeks of the event for it to be included in the club league.

2 - Cross country races as part of the South Essex Cross Country series
The results for members competing for East Essex only will be included in the club league.

For further information on the league (for example; if you think a race should be considered for next years’ league or you notice one of your results has not been included) please feel free to contact me on the email address below.

Ben Pickett

EETC Adult League Administrator